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Class:  Subclass Characteristics Workshop - Two Day Class 

Date: Oct 25-26, 2021

Where: Austin, TX

Contact: Stacey Phetteplace

Subclass Characteristics Workshop - Two Day Class 

Date: Nov 8-9, 2021

Where: San Diego, CA

Contact: Liza Merzwski

Subclass Characteristics Workshop - Two Day Class

Date: TBA

Where: Chicago, IL

Host: Forensic Science Center at Chicago

Contact: Cid Drisi

Subclass Characteristics Workshop - Two Day Class

Date: TBA

Where: Belleville, IL

Host: Metro-East Lab (Belleville)

Contact: Aaron Horn




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Scheduling Classes/Workshops

On-Site training may be provided according to your agencies needs.


Agencies providing an appropriate training space, either within or outside the US, may significantly save on student travel and per diem costs.


Costs are based on the training requested, location, and class size. Cost proposals are provided upon request. All checks payable to FATE Forensic Instruction.





Classes/Workshops have been provided to Firearm and Toolmark Examiners from the following agencies:

Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office

Boston Police Department Crime Lab 

California State University, Fresno

Caribbean Incentive

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Erie County Central Police Services Forensic Laboratory

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Houston Police Department Crime Lab

 Louisiana Association of Forensic Sciences

Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab

Metropolitan Police Service, London UK

Miami Dade Police Department Crime Lab

Michigan Police Crime Lab

Missouri State Police Crime Lab

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

New York Police Department Crime Lab

North Carolina State Crime Lab

Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver, B.C. Crime Labs

Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office Crime Lab

Puerto Rico Instituto De Ciencias Forense

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Forensic Science Identification Services

Southwestern Association of Forensic Sciences

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Texas Department of Public Safety

Toronto Department of Forensic Sciences

 Virginia Department of Forensic Sciences

In addition to the onsite training listed above, Nancy McCombs has provided training to students from all 50 US States as well as from Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Denmark, Italy, Jamaica, Finland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, St. Kitts, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Virgin Islands through AFTE sponsored workshops and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, National Firearms Examiner Academy or FATE Forensic Instruction.